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Two years ago I started having a couple symptoms, mainly twitching and tinnitus. I sort of ignored this for awhile and just shrugged it off as unusual, but not alarming. Twitching is primarily localized to the left arm, abdomen, and head/neck. When I say twitching I mean my head jerks left or right every few seconds and I cannot sit perfectly still. I talked to my doctor about the tinnitus and he said there was nothing they could do and then sort of drifted off about the twitching.

Over the next two years a few more symptoms showed up. I started seeing more floaters in my vision, and not only that, I'm also seeing a 'visual static' in my vision at all times. It's like a thousand tiny rainbow dots flying around in my vision. I believe this is also called visual snow. Also, when I look to the left or right quickly my vision has a flash comprised of many individual dots. I went to two optometrists and they found nothing (variety of tests, forget the names). I've also lost some colour vision in my left eye. In addition to this, I started experiencing frequent headaches, sensitivity to light (varying from day to day, but some days going outside would be excruciatingly painful in my eyes), nausea. I then started to notice that walking seemed funny. I am tripping and dragging my feet more than usual. When I lift my leg straight up and down from a standing position it shakes violently. Same with moving my neck slowly from left to right.

I went to a neurologist and he ran an EEG, evoked potential, and MRI scan. All came back normal. Blood tests are also normal. B12 levels are normal.

Following that I thought maybe I'm just unusual, but then I started having heart palpitations that would come and go. I went back to my doctor and he listened to my heart and ran an ECG. Everything seemed fine and he said the palpitations were harmless.

I also have episodes usually lasting 10-15 minutes where it's difficult to... think. Putting words together properly is a struggle and I usually feel lightheaded. Blood pressure is normal during these episodes.

So now I'm at a loss. Symptoms don't appear to be getting any worse... but they aren't getting any better. It's very distracting and has lead to a lot of anxiety and frustration.

Any ideas?

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