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[QUOTE=emmababe;4276333]Thank you so much for sharing. Thats what im worried about, the pressure coming out as normal! Last lime i saw my neuro i still had vision problems and swelling of the optic nerve, but im pretty sure its settled again now, which is great but is gonna be so annoying if the pressure is normal as this wont help me long term cos i know the pressure fluctuates so much! Will be interesting to see what they do with u. Im not seeing my neuro again till sept, this has been draging on since jan! They thought i had a brain tumor to start with and now thats been ruled out its like they dont care! Oh well will see how tomorrow goes i guess. Thanks for your help! Xx[/QUOTE]

i know exactly the feeling!!!! ive been fighting for tests for almost 10 years after a knock to the head.i saw neuro last year on nhs and years ago when i first got the headaches and both times were told its migraine,since christmas ive got so much worse and my gp did nothing so ive gone privatly now but even thats still a struggle to get them to listen. the neuro i see now did say that my symptoms arent of typical migraine symptoms but now the LP didnt really show much im not sure what he will do or even if he will do anything! im just waiting for him to call or write now as it costs me 150 every time i see him!! i mayask for a overnite lumbar monitoring, my symptoms match more of low pressure than high because im worse when im up,moving about but ill stay in touch and let you know what happens!! let us know how you get on x

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