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Symptoms began approximately a week ago with tinnitus in the right ear only and a throbbing headache in the right ear area. Worried about the possibility of acoustic neuroma, I examined my pupils in the mirror and found that the right was slightly more dilated than the left. (This is the symptom that most worries me.) I have not experienced any headaches since the onset of symptoms; however, I recently began to experience a strange dizziness unlike anything I've felt before. It is not associated with nystagmus, and I have experienced no balance or coordination problems; rather, I suffer attacks during which there is a sense that the floor is shifting up and down, tilting, or rocking. (Strangely, the first place this symptom emerged was on a non-moving elevator.) This occurs with greater frequency while I am standing or walking and almost never occurs during periods of exertion. A self-test revealed a pulse pressure in excess of 60 with systolic 123 and diastolic 60, but my respiration is regular and I do not suffer from bradycardia. I have had palpitations during which my heart races as well as hypersomnia. My alertness is unaffected; if anything, I am more alert now than I have been. My hands vibrate almost unnoticeably at times when I hold them out. My facial and other muscles are no weaker than normal. I have not been nauseous, and I have not experienced any seizures, strange odors, or any out-of-place stimulus.

I have a very irregular sleep cycle. I have postural kyphosis which often results in neck-aches. I diagnosed myself with major depression earlier this year, but I can't make the connection between that and dizziness. Physicians diagnosed me with a sinus infection and mononucleosis for which I took medication, but that was several months ago and my symptoms have since entirely abated. I am a hypochondriac.

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