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[QUOTE=moneymaker89;4286835]Hey everyone,

Im currently 20 years of age, and been diagnosed with hydrocephalus 2 1/2 years ago. Having undergone over 6 MRI's in that span of time, my neurosurgeon kept me on well informed of everything that was going on. He ran memory and vision tests over the years.
On June 3rd, having had my most recent MRI the doctor was very concerned with the results. He quickly after called to book a follow-up appointment, at which time i found the bad news. He check both of my eyes by shining the bright light in them. That's when i found out that my optic nerves were being damaged by my ICP (inner Cranial Pressure). At that time my he mentioned the VP Shunt surgery. Do to the rapid damage that it was causing to my eyesight and memory i was booked in for an emergency surgery. The surgery was booked for the 8th of July.

A VP Shunt is a tubing system that is used to drain CSF fluid from the brain down to the abdomen. My surgery went well, and i have felt terrifically well since. No more mood swings, irritability, I feel like a new person. Of course, having this VP shunt in place would limit me from certain activities such as underwater diving and contact sports. One more major concerns of mine is going to the bars. I am a 20 y/o, athletic, easy- going individual. For some strange reason trouble always seems to find me when i go out to the bars with my friends. Now having this shunt, i would have to be extremely careful. As i keep hearing hearing horror stories of people with shunts and brain hemorrhaging.

Anyone else have a shunt out there?[/QUOTE]

Having spent Nine Mths in a neuro ward in the LATE 70s due to hyrdro , althou I received a removal of a Large part of the skull, they never Inserted a Shunt, apparently the Build up of CSF, not only causes Optic nerve DAMAGE, it was was beginning to cone the Brain is the Base of the Neck, the cause was found in the Blasting of Platlets of the Blood , which Increased the CSF.

It maybe advisable over the yrs to come to continue to Receive MRI scans, superficial siderosis [ WHICH I ALSO HAVE] is caused By Trauma, from what Ive studied it has been related in some cases to the Shunt, ... if for any reason you Notice a Rapid Hearing Loss ..get it checked,...

Its taken some Thirty yrs for SS symptoms to Show , but theres No set Pattern , each Individual Is different.;)

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