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:confused: Please can anyone give me some advice,ive had lots of health issues over the years and so unwell now that i need answers,i cannot live like this anymore.ive posted here in the past but am hoping someone may have some new ideas/advice for me so i can get to the bottom of my mystery illness!!

Ive always been healthy,no problems until when in my early 20s i was hit quite hard on the head,the next day i woke up with the worst headache ever,my whole head hurt and throbbed,i had these headaches occasionaly for the next year or so then started to get random sharp pains and dizziness,saw a neuro who said it was just migraines,mri and ct was clear. Over the next few years the headaches came more frequent as did the random bursts of pain,severe left eye pain,base of skull pain,arm/leg pain,tingling,numbness in face and hands,chest pains,blurryness. Double vision,floaters, . Last year i had another mri to querie chiari,my tonsils are low but chiari was ruled out. Then i began terribble chest and back pains,stomache pains,oxygon levels were low, 72% so i was told i had emphysema as lungs were slightly inflated on xray,then i was told possibbly i had small clots on the lungs but by the time they scanned me a week later chest pain had gone my oxygon levels back up to 90% and ct was clear,i personaly dont think its emphysema,im way too young and dont smoke! I had 2 more chest pain episodes since and i believe its clots. Thrombosis run in the family.
Then just before christmas my head pains got horrendous!! Massive out of the blue random pains,all day long,but can be more localised to one area and bulging sensation behind my eye. My eye feels very uncomfortable and i can hear it squelching when i rub or wash head feels horrible 95% of the time. Moving,straining,coughing is painful. I decided that after years of this pain which now is ruining my life and my family that i would just pay private,no matter of the cost so that i could get my life back again. I found private clinic where i had another mri and lumbar,both of which are fine,.so the neuro is just sorting out a plan of meds for me,but ive tried so many meds over the years,nothing helps but ibroprofen when i have a throbbingheadache.
Im not a hypochondriac..believe it or not ha ha!! Or do i feel im making a fuss over nothing,the pains do not feel right and are getting worse,this week i have the feeling of balooning in my head and yesterday when bending over my eye went black,i cannot see how this is normal. Ive decided to write back to my neuro....and as for an mra and mrv even tho he says there is no need for them. Im hoping he will feel sorry for me and arrange them anyway!
If i had some sort of blood vessel problem would that cause blood problems anywhere else in my body?? Clots???
Or is there such thing as the fluid in the brain getting trapped in places to cause the random strong pains i get?
Does anyone have any ideas on what this could be or what i should do next,is the other scans a good idea or not? My doc said that any problems would show on the lumbar puncture but i cant see how,and when i had it done i was having a really rare good day and had no headache!!
Sorry this is long but im desparate to get my life back,not just for me but my family also x

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