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I got back the paper results of my MRI of the brain. I'm worried that the doctor has not called me back. It's another 2weeks before I'm supposed to come in and review the findings with his PA. I'm now officially scared.


INDICATION: Headaches adn dizziness with neck pain.


TECHNIQUE: Multiplanar, multisequence MRI performed of the brain without IV contrast.

FINDINGS: There is an approximately 1.2 x 1.7 ovoid white matter lesion adjacent to the left corpus callosum in the
anterior third associated with mild encephalomalacia. There are at least five otehr tiny periventricular white matter lesions,
one on the left just posterior to the larger lesion and one more ventral in the right frontal white matter. Also appreciated in
the right parietal occipital white matter radiations adjacent to the genu of the corpus callosum (two lesions), and one in the
left parietal white matter radiations. Negative for restricted diffusion to suggest acute or subacute ischemia. Negative for
prior hemorrhage on multiplanar sequences. The remainder of the brain is unremarkable for age. No abnormal extraaxial
fluid collections. Note made of hyperostosis frontalis interna, using incidental finding although more common in females.
The base of brain flow voids are patent. The orbits and paranasal sinuses are unremarkable.

IMPRESSION: At least six supratentorial white matter lesions, the largest of which measures up to 1.7 cm. Findings are
suggestive of demyelinating disease including Lyme disease if there is appropriate clinical exposure. Other considerations
include vasculitis and other etiologies. A complete imaging examination with post-gadolinium images is recommended to
assess for enhancement of the lesions.

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