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Re: Arachnoid Cyst
Jul 25, 2010
Hey there-
My MRI for distorted vision in 2001 showed an arachnoid cyst behind my right eye. They said that I was born with it and that it wasn't the culprit to my vision.
I had 5 lesions around my brain, two near my optic nerve. This all caused damage and now my left eye cannot move to the left. I have had grand-mal seizures, but again, they have yet to officially diagnose me with anything. I am always wondering about this cyst as well, but I too was in a car accident in 1995, and think that quite possibly the blow to my head in that accident maybe pushed on the cyst that was already hiding in there? idk it's too much to think about !!:dizzy: That's why I got on this board today, because it's nice to just read and 'chat' with others dealing with similar situations.;)

Saw this post which has answers about this:
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Re: Arachnoid Cyst
cinderella, i have an arachnoid cyst that was discovered when i had an mri to try to determine why i was having a bad headache. my head ached for 27 days and never let up. the pain was so bad that i couldnt sleep, i couldnt work and i couldnt even walk cause the exertion made me feel like my head would explode. anyway, mri revealed the cyst and a pituitary tumor about 3 mm. small. neuro stated that neither was the cause of my headache but, after trying many meds, i finally got relief from amitriptyline?. started taking med on oct 3, 2003 and havent had a headache since. i am scheduled to go for another mri on 3/15 as a follow up. neuro wants me to have mri every 6 months to keep an eye on tumor but stated that cyst is no big deal and that i may have gotten it while in mamas belly and brain was forming. it is like spinal fluid trapped between two layers of tissue that cover and protect brain. as long as it is not leaking then neuro says no problem. anyway i hope this info helps and i will let everyone know on 3/31 what results of mri are.

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Re: Arachnoid Cyst
CMOMSON is correct. An Arachnoid tumor is congenital (present at birth) and is usually never even discovered unless an MRI is done. It is cyst filled with fluid and causes no problems unless it leaks, in which case you would have different symptoms.

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03-08-2004, 09:47 AM #4
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Re: Arachnoid Cyst
My 14 year old son has an arachnoid cyst. I am not sure of the size, although it looks large. It was discovered in September after he had a complex partial seizure at school. That was his first seizure, and we have been waiting for the 6 month MRI to see if the cyst is changing, growing or leaking. That MRI is on Wedneseday. In the beginning he also had a sleep deprived EEG with photosensetivity done, which was abnormal, showing spikes in the rear brain area, which is the area which the cyst sits. On Wednesday, after the MRI, we are taking him into Woburn MA to be hooked up to a 24 hour EEG monitor. After all these results are back his current neurologist (under who's care he has been since the initial seizure in September) is sending him and all his results to a pediatric neurologist in Boston MA. My son did have a 2nd, smaller seizure, with amnesia, last Tuesday evening.

I know from my research, from asking the doctor, that arachnoid cysts are typically secondary diagnosis, such as you had a fall or car accident, and it happens to be discovered, and the cysts themselves are not at all uncommon. It is only in less than 10% of diagnosed arachnoid cysts that need surgical intervention, because of growth, interference with normal brain activity, or leaking, or as in my sons case seizures.

I am of course hoping for nothing but the best, and now we will be getting the care of some of the best medical personal in the world once we get into Boston, and I hope against hope that surgical intervention is not necassary, but his case be one of those rare cases.

Tell your friend to listen to the doctor, over 90% of the time arachnoid cysts do not cause serious medical problems, but to stay under her doctors care until they are comfortable with their diagnosis.

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