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I have posted this question into the Headaches forum of the HealthBoards and I am reposting here as there is some thought that perhaps I might have something else going on. My original post is copied below or you can view the responses I did get here: Please if you have any ideas what might cause my problem I would be terribly grateful for your time. Christina

:confused: My Neurologist I have been seeing for three years now has been treating me for Acute Chronic Cluster Headaches for the past three years. Prior to starting treatment I was having fifteen to thirty of the headaches a day and was bed ridden with pain. These headaches almost always occur when I am standing up from a sitting position (taking notes in college, sitting at the computer, driving a car or sitting in bed watching tv.) I am beginning to think this is a misdiagnosis and need your help, please?

The headaches always begin with a spasm/tingling in the occipital area of my skull (lower third, back). Next comes a crazy intense blinding pain only on one side of my face, above the eye and radiating back toward the center of my brain. Sometimes there is tearing and flushing. Following this is the unbelievable uncontrollable urge to bend over and touch the floor (always with my knees locked so I get go down further) and it isn't until I have been bent over like this for thirty to fortyfive seconds that the headache will lessen. There is a residual headache that will last from thirty minutes to three hours and absolute exhaustion.

I have been taking Celebrex 200mg four times a day, Skelaxin four times a day and he wants me to take a calcium channel blocker but I have not started this one yet. He also put me on Pristiq as I was having intense side effects from the Effexor. I am desperate. I have just graduated from college (38 year old female with two children) and I really need to get a job but these headaches are continuing and as a teacher if I have to suddenly bend over in the hall or get wiped out by a headache I do not think my boss would be happy.

**edited for the addition of more details** I only drink maybe once or twice a year and do not experience headaches with drinking, I only smoke one cigarette at night and this began two years after the headaches began. Since the headaches have begun I no longer eat or crave chocolate and prefer salt and spicy foods after previously hating anything with spice in it (dunno if that is part of these headaches or not.) I have had three mri's and several blood panels that have shown no abnormalities.

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