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Re: Mrv or mra??
Jul 30, 2010
honestly? ANY actual neurologist who has an ego THAT big as a freaking house who makes a statement THAT bold about actually even beginning to be able to really even begin to FULLY 'see" what actually really does look like a freaking highway map tangle of vessels in there, the vascular structures within anyones brain without contrast??? i would get away from this a** asap and simply find another neurologist who simply will listen to YOU, the actual patient and care enough to actually help not hinder your Dx? this has simply gone on wayy to long already without you knowing ANYTHING more than you started out with, and in ALOT of real pain. just how long HAS this pain and process been going on anyway?

it IS that contrasting agent that simply very much does highlight the vascular structures sooo much better than without it, to make that statement, well for one, it IS an outright lie for one. my aneurysm did NOT even begin to actually show on plain MRI? i have to actually decline any contrast becasue i do have a kidney disease? when someone has bad kidneys, contrast can create alot of issues for ONLY those people? the contrast is just filtered out in the kidneys and kind of "hard" on them? but like i said ONLY to those of us who have kidney disease and changes in lab numbers? most people handle contrat just fine with no problems at all but i would make sure to simply drink alot of water the rest of that day and the day after to t get it out as quickly as possible? but it would NOT DO anything to you hon as long as your kidneys are normal as most peoples are, esp the younger one is?

my annie was actually in the bend of an artery in the L cerebellar so it was not one of the larger vessels directly IN that COW either, but towards the bottom right in front of my brainstem(very deep and also impossible to clip, had successful coiling tho)? i ended up having an MRA and also what is called a 3 T or 3 tesla scan done as well since the tesla simply uses 3 times the magnetism of the plain old standard MRI? it did show up on the tesla AND of course the MRA? there just are sooo many little bends in these arteries that there would simply be no real way that ANY good knowledgable experienced neuro or NS could even THINK they could actually see every little artery in the brain with all those twists turns and bends in them? this was just such a stupid and very arrogant thing for ANY neurologist to begin to say?

giving you yet one more non contrasted MRI was THE WASTE of money here hon. what does it matter to HIM what YOU have to pay for using any contrasting agent anyways?? i just DO feel soo much that you do need a new and fresh pair of eyes here and the right tests(at least ONE good contrasted MRI) and the most important thing, finding a brand new ologist who gives a crap about his patients more than his own freaking ego here? crazy person.

the bigger picture here when it even comes to ANY specialists at all is 'their" actual brain capacity, the level of real honest to god working experience and knowledge and no freaking ego to just get in the way either? if you think about it, and this IS what i really find the most scarey, is you have no clue at all just where your so called specialist even graduated in his class? even when you are the very LAST in your class vs the top, you are STILL given that very same status as number one? neurologist, or whatever actual 'specialist' you happen to be seeing too? ya know what i mean?

trust me on this one jb, between all my medical crap and my sons, we have had to see soooo many different types of specialists and surgeons over the years and there just IS such a huge huge difference in like everything about one vs the next and next ones? i have had some really amazing and oh so caring types of specialists as well as my son, but have unfortunetly had the nightmare like you are just dealing with right now, of having some of the worst of the worst too? no two specialists just are anywhere near exactly alike in egos, some actually do NOT have any? and believe it or not, for me and my son, these truely were the best and most skilled ones too? its just kinda the luck of the draw here. or word of mouth from someone who has simply used a particular specialist before?? those really are the best way to find the best out there.

ya know, just one thing i wanted to also let ya know? anytime we have esp back of the head type headpain? they should also be checking out your c spine within the neck area too since believe me, i do know of many people even posting in the spinal boards who have and are suffering some pretty severe levels of headpain that are actually stemming from their c spine problems and NOT an issue actually IN that brain per se? anything vascular can be impacted within the brain when the blood supply simply DOES run UP to that brain thru that neck area first? something could be impacting the vertebral arteries(they do run thru that spinal then up to the brain?) that supply that posterioback of head brain and the supply up to the COW, like the carotids just do supply the front/anterior blood supply? just another possible angle here for a vascular problem up to that brain and what simply CAN be impacted that can create some rather hellish levels of headpain too?

but i would seriously start looking for another ologist at this point since it IS pretty obvious you will not get ANYWHERE more than you have with this man at all. good luck and do keep me posted hon, marcia
Re: Mrv or mra??
Aug 9, 2010
just wondering how things went or are goin with you JB? i personally cannot really see the actual value in 'only' the MRV vs what a contrasted MRI of that brain would simply show, along WITH the vascular make up? did anything show, have you even had this done yet hon?

doing ONLY that T spine but not actually ever having your c spine MRIed? i really DO think at least at some point, that c spine just simply needs to be looked at for any potential types of issues that simply can create headpain? and because those vertebral arteries that run up from that c spine area and into our brains,from up the back not front(that main front blood supply is within those carotids) at all could have become impaired or damaged in some way during your life or with that 'hit' even, depending upon the force of impact, really CAN create issues in that c spine, even vascular too.

when 'only' looking at the thorasic which has a huge 'gap' between the very direct/next to connection of that brain even "to' it with that c spine which just IS partly into the very base of our brains/skull? THAT direct connection of the C and not the T spine just IS where i would want my doc to refer me for the contrasted MRI at. the T is just way too far away from the brain to have as much of a very direct impact on anything 'brain' unlike that c spine that runs pretty much right up and into it? ya know what i mean? this just is one area that should be looked into when nothing seems to be appearing on any brain scans? this just CAN create headpain depending.

if you really want to know just how really severe some peoples headpain can be from ONLY c spine issues, simply go way down from here and into the spinal boards way down there in the "S" section and find sammy01 and read thru some of her posts on this very thing. she is a good friend of mine who has been suffering horrid levels of headpain ONLY from some issues within her c spine that need surgery at this point just to try and make that pain finally stop? this just IS a pretty common type of headpain called "cervicogenic'? meaning the pain in the head is being generated by certain problems that actually are in that c spine.

i would, if i were you, really start getting a bit more demanding with this current neuro or even better, find another fresh pair of eyes/perspective with a brand new one who is in no way actually affiliated with the one you are seeing now? by that i simply mean, not within the very same 'group/practice' where you are seeing your current doc at? otherwise its kind of a waste since one will generally always back up the people who they work with kinda thing? but just DO really push at this point here to get that c spine fully looked into in depth with the contrasted MRI just being done on it. no one knows what can even be in any given area of our bodies til that very specific area gets at least a good in depth type of scan done ON it?

please update me when you can hon. sorry i have not been here lately but having to deal with my own medical crap and c spine too. marcia

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