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It was last saturday (7/31/10) I slept on my neck wrong and had trouble moving it for a couple of days...which to me was no problems...but it was on Wednesday when everything and my fiancé went to see the priest as we are getting married august 14th 2010....and after we left I had a little stint of feeling dizzy and the back of my head had pressure....sort of like 3 fingers placed on continued for the that week with pressure in the back of the head and dizzy spells that came and went...all while getting everything done for my wedding as there was allways something to get from 7/31-8/3/10 I slept fine and it happened it would start at mid morning and last most of the day...and now we fast foward to yesterday and now with the little pressure in the back of the head it's now accompanied by heavy wieghted legs while I walk and stand...not so horrible when I sit down...and last night I was pitting some kitchen cart together and was going to lift the 50lb granite top and tweeked my lower back and was in some moderate pain because of it.... I went to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night and had a few seconds of catching my breath and a little bit dizzy and then it went away and slept the rest of the night with no disruption...woke up this morning with nothing terrible going on but as the day went on the heavy legs and pressure in my head and arms legs and such returned...I still had to do things as the wedding is right around the corner..and after a day of business my legs hurt especially my right thigh and the pressure is there but not horrndous...some info on me to possibly help...I take vitemin B6 which I break the pill in half as I bought a big case 100mg for I take that every morning and nothing else...I did have a bout with pressure in the back of my head in September of 2008...and it took 12-16 weeks to go I went to the er and they said I sprained my neck muscle...(I was moving a couch and hurt my neck)...they gave me Morton and it slowly at this point it Is pretty bad and I would appreciate some help on what this could be...I do have health insurance through work but it's the first 1,000 covered so I have to play this carefully....please help me...

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