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Hey I'm a 23yr old student who has been having strange symptoms the past 2 and a half months. It first started with a tingling, numbing sensation in my left arm which spread to my left leg. Symptoms initially only appeared at night along with heart palpitations and anxiety. I have been to multiple doctors and neurologists and have got diagnoses of reflux disease and overactive thyroid, though bloodwork only once indicated thyroid disease, the rest were clear. The symptoms are starting to get worse ("attacks" are now not only at night but start during the day and progressively get worse as the day progresses). The tingling sensations also vary from place to place (sometimes creeping up my neck and over my face) and side to side. I have considered parasitic disease(since it apparently gets worse at night) though I could not find one that fits my symptoms. Also as of the last few days on the side of my face I have experienced a slight pressure (as if my sinuses are filled yet they are clear) and my mouth becomes dry (usually one sided) and it feels as if I'm exhaling acetone or some chemical. MRI, bloodwork and scans are all clean. I am on no medication, though have started using sleeping pills of late else I don't get any sleep at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am starting to get very anxious about this and what it might be.

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