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Age 1
Hospitalized with Croup
From this time forward, I have been chronically ill with sinus infections, Hay Fever, Bronchitis, and Mumps. To this day, I require a flu shot every year to ensure that I do not get Pneumonia. I get Bronchitis every year in March or April. After taking antibiotics to clear the infection, I am always left with Thrush even now at 31.

Age 10
Broken wrist

Age 13
Hospitalized with Pneumonia which caused the Asthma I still have currently

Ages 13-14
Passing out spells with no warning or symptoms before or after

Age 14
Car accident in which my head broke the passenger window and I was left unconscious

Age 15
Lived in Mexico for 1 year during which my first child was born after 40 hours of hard labor

Age 16

Age 17
Lived in Mexico a second time for 6 month

Age 19
During second pregnancy was diagnosed with Dysplasia
Birth of second child with cesarean due to failure to progress
Had cryoplasty to remove Dysplasia

Age 21
Birth of third child with cesarean
Onset of migraines and gastrointestinal abnormalities

Age 23
MISdiagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder and began Lithium
Began having severe chest pains
Gastrointestinal issues worsened

Age 24
Lithium Toxicity
Diagnosed with Osteopenia
Had gall bladder removed
Quit taking all medications prescribed for misdiagnosed mental condition

Age 25
Wedge compression fracture of T12 vertebra and found to have two bulging discs and arthritis from MRI
Hysterectomy due to pain and bleeding/anemia issues
***In an attempt to make it easier on my body, I was given an epidural for the surgery instead of paralytic medications. This resulted in total left side paralysis included the collapse of the left lung. After arriving home from the hospital, I began vomiting violently which split the incision open. I then developed an infection and tested positive for H Pylori and E Coli

Age 26
Onset of red itchy bumps on shoulders, back, neck, and chest
***I still have these. I really do not believe that it is a food allergy. The itching is worse in the shower which is where you would think I would find some relief.

Age 28
Diagnosed with severe scoliosis
At this point I was living on pain pills and muscle relaxers

Age 30
Cardiac Arrest as a result of extremely low potassium
GI problems become out of control with diahrrea sometimes more than 20 times per day lasting 3-4 weeks followed by 1-2 weeks of constipation and no bowel movements
***I also began having blood in my bowel movements and the bouts of random vomiting I had been experiencing became more frequent and predictable. On day 3-5 of the constipation phase, I began vomiting everything that I ate until I was able to have a bowel movement which my record is 17 days.

Age 31
Have now lost 110 lbs (not sure how much from cutting unhealthy foods out of my diet and how much is from the illness)
Had colonoscopy and endoscopy. The only finding was that the GI doc said the villi in my stomach looked like I had Celiac Disease which was later ruled out with blood tests. Symptoms did not subside while I was on the Gluten Free diet awaiting lab results
***Was advised all symptoms are the result of stress and to quit my job which I lost by no fault of my own while on medical leave. The diahrrea issues have lessened but not by much.

Past two weeks
I have had a rumble in my left ear. The best way I can describe it is the sound a train makes not when it's close but as it's going away. It's a loud annoying rumble. This has been coupled with severe stomach cramping, headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and diahrrea.

Last week I was at the neighbors and was struck by stomach pain which made me bend over that it was so severe. That was followed by me feeling like I was going to pass out then a very loud screeching sound in my left and right ear. After that I began having pain in my right ear (none in the rumbling left) and severe pain at the back of my neck. Everytime I would bend over it felt like someone hit me across the bottom of the back of my head and then I would get this warm sensation moving from my head down to my toes while feeling as though I was leaving my body.

This week it is just the extreme headache, rumbling in the ear, diahrrea, constant nausea, and now heart burn worse than I have ever had before.

Sorry that this is so detailed, but I need for whoever thinks that they know what it is to have the full picture. I have seen 2 Neurologists, a Neurosurgeon, 2 GI doctors, 2 Anesthesiologists specializing in Pain Management, an Orthopedist, and a Cardiologist. All has been for nothing. Everyone just keeps telling me it is stress or something mental. I know that it is not in my head because I have never been healthy.

I can remember since getting my own test results that there has always been protein in my urine, I am almost always anemic or very close, and my potassium is often low.

The last symptoms not listed above which I can't be sure when they started are:
*Frequent urination including occassional bed wetting
*Occassional loss of knowing-Sometimes I find myself with somewhere and no idea how I got there. It's like I'm day dreaming but fully functioning. I have lost days in the past.
*Extreme irritability (usually with GI or breathing problems)
*Trouble sleeping (sometimes I can stay up for 3 days straight without feeling tired just because I can't sleep)
*Swelling of hands and feet especially, but also sometimes arms, legs, and abdomin. There is no pitting with the swelling.
*Waking up feeling as though I have a hangover nearly every morning.
*Inability to eat within 3-4 hours of waking up. If I do then it usually comes right back up or I am ill the remainder of the day.

So if you have any idea what has been plaguing me all of my life, I am open to any suggestions. I know now that I'm on my own in finding a resolution because I have given up on doctors....

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