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Yesterday, for the first time, i experienced some very severe symptoms of something which hasnt been diagnosed as yet .....however i am describing the whole story here just in case someone might know something about it or can refer to an appropriate resource.
Since Friday i was feeling tiered, light headed, and and unable to focus on my office work ....

Then came Saturday and since morning I was feeling tired/lethargic .... along with light headedness and headspin/vertigo. I worked on my computer throughout the day and in the evening me and my wife decided to go for groceries.

I was driving and was feeling , I was continuously feeling that my condition is not getting better as I couldn't focus on the road and felt like i'll loose control of my car. Therefore I told my wife that I can’t continue driving. I stopped the car on the side of the road and went to the back seat of the car and told my wife to take me to Hospital Emergency as i felt that something serious is coming.

At the same time along with the vertigo, I also started feeling extreme unbearable vibration/buzzing blood flow sensation throughout my body and its intensity was increasing very fast all over my body and my whole body was cramping, contracting inward with this unbearable vibration/electric in every pore of my body and I was bending up and down on the car seat, grabbing my head and abdomen area in desperateness. I was feeling that I am going to pass-out any moment but didn’t passed out ...i was feeling that i am being tortured internally and just wanted to get out of the car.

After an agonizing 20 minutes drive we reached emergency. I was barely able to walk and make inside as I was feeling severe head-spin and my body/hands were shaking terribly ....... (this whole episode lasted for about 25 minutes and after i got off my car and reached the hospital the intensity of symptoms started decreasing, but my hands were shaky for quite some time and eventually i became normal)……

....anyways after I reached the hospital they did my blood, urine tests and a brain CT-scan ....everything came normal. The doctor in emergency unit said they couldn't find anything wrong in the tests and it is beyond his understanding as to what caused the extreme electric like vibration along with the whole body contraction in ward. He has referred me to a neurologist and the wait time if approx a month and I am feeling very scared that if during this time this terrible episode happens again (especially at my office|) what I am going to do given there is no diagnosis yet!

Today on Sunday …I am still feeling lightheadedness, and head spin on/off sometime it goes away only to return ....however i didnt feel the vibration/electrical current flow type sensation…

A couple of other symptoms’ to note is that I don’t feel fluidity in breathing and kind of tightening in the throat …feel like gasping for more air again and again but don’t feel satisfied ….. my temples has this pressure along with throbbing veins.

In view of the details, I was wondering if anyone themselves has experienced anything like this with some or all of the symptoms.

I 'll appreciate your replies.


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