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off and on now for 2-3 years, I will have this random thing happen where I am walking somewhere and suddenly my head will start to throb and I can hear a whoosh like my pulse in my ears. It muffles all external sounds. It usually lasts for 15 seconds to a minute. It's not while lying down and it's not immediately upon standing from a sitting position. Today I got out of the car and was in the grocery store. The pounding and whooshing began. I'd started keeping a journal of the experiences earlier this Summer so I pulled out my phone to document the experience. I realized I was in a place with a bp machine so I took the test 113/72 with a hr of 95. I do have occasional migraines but there is no obvious connection between them for me. I read of something called pulsatile tinnitus which has a familiar "ring" to it, but mine is very random and unpredictable. I don't have bp problems, or an anxiety disorder, so I'm thinking neuro or cardio. What are some of the common reasons, and how can I solve the mystery when it occurs so unpredictably?
Look up Chiari Malformation and go through that list of what your describing are my symptoms and this is what I was diagnosed with

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