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Dear all,

I've been coping with numerous idiopathic (i.e. can't figure out why) vestibular issues since 2007, when I had my first episode of BPPV. I've had two recurrences since then, luckily, but have noticed in the past two weeks a strange phenomenon, and I'm not sure what the cause is. Nothing has changed in my diet except that I have started taking an adult chewable multivitamin (can't get myself to swallow the big pills regularly). I also tanned for two minutes in a tanning both twice two weeks ago as part of an attempt to replenish my vitamin D levels (but which caused extreme dehydration and foggy-headedness the following day).

The real culprit, however, is that I am a musician and sing, play guitar and piano somewhat regularly. Usually, I wear custom-made musicians earplugs, which are noise-attenuating. However, sometimes I do not use these, because I simply cannot hear the music as well, and they are very uncomfortable. I also listen to music in my car, which amounts to about 20 minutes per day, at a modest volume. I retired use of my earbud headphones because they were causing ringing in my ears.

In the past two weeks I've had a fairly recurrent dry mouth and dehydration issue, which might be simply panic disorder manifesting itself somewhat oddly, and may not be related to any inner ear issues. I've also had some migraines and ear pain, and "brain fog" where I feel my cognitive skills are greatly reduced. Other times (like right now) I feel very agitated and depressed, almost a headache-type sensation but with no real pain, just the feeing of tension in my head (so maybe a tension headache?). The dehydration sensation is that of being very dehydrated or thirsty, with a slight, dull pain in the back of my throat, and a discomfort which runs from my throat down to my chest, and with some tingling down to my left hand. Sometimes at night I feel pressure in my ears, which almost feels like I'm about to have a seizure. All of this may be unrelated, again, but it just seems strange. Drinking electrolyte-filled liquids (Gatorade) seems to help temporarily. What exacerbated the issue was driving with a car-full of my friends, which weighted down the back of my car which has terrible suspension, causing a nauseating up-and-down motion for about 30 minutes. I started to feel nauseous and then started to panic because I was worried I was going to pass out on the freeway and get in a horrible accident. I started to feel tingling in my face and hands, I think due to the panic, as this has happened before (I climbed 24 flights of stairs, felt like the blood was pooling in my legs and started to feel like the blood was draining from my brain, which I read has been known to occur when you over-exert your legs, as in biking, etc., also known as vasovagal syncope, I believe). I drank some Gatorade which made me feel better, but I felt very shaken for the rest of the day, and also foggy-headed, which also occurs sometimes after playing music.

I suppose my question is what could this be related to, and if there is any way to remedy it; I know vestibular disorders are exceptionally difficult to treat, if even possible. As a wannabe professional musician, it would be extremely depressing to find out that I am essentially allergic to music. But is there any way to test this? If anyone has any thoughts I'd love to hear them.
Wow.. well.. I had a similar experience like in your car the other day but with some major differences, like when I talked I couldn't hear my own voice but could hear everything else fine.. notably I had a cold sweat and tingling feelings, slight dizzyness, felt like I was gonna die though. I ended up on the emergency room floor screaming and shaking feeling like I was being electrocuted. (yeah they just leave you there at Westmead).
Differences aside, it started after very loud music was on, something I rarely hear lately while I also have ruptured eardrums and an ear infection, I have also had a lot of dehydration lately, my lips are cracking and peeling, and also have a strange warm but unwelcome feeling from my throat to my chest, aswel as pain in the back of my throat (which I believe is caused by an awkward twisting of my scoliosis).
I've also been having migraines (front left mostly) for over a year and brain fog galore.. a lot of coincidences maybe? The human brain loves to make connections..
I'm worried about the posibilities of a brain tumour.. i dont ever feel the need to vomit but my stomach does constantly get upset lately too. (I'm used to sitting in a car driving across europe so not easy to make me puke).

If I were you I'd get an MRI of my head (i cant afford to or i'd tell you the results). I would really appreciate it if you come back to tell me what they said if you do.
Also. if you have the time, perhaps you could read a little through my symptoms and see if there are any important differences or similarities. Just that it sounds exactly the same so far.. though maybe I went a little overboard on detail, sorry I can't control that.

It seems difficult to get anyone with an answer here and this is top on Google.

P.s. Think I'll have to prescribe myself some Gatorade.. i'll write back how that goes.

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