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One thing most doctors miss is a problem with the upper back and neck muscles. I had all of these symptoms and many more, I could not function at all, I was out of it mentally, and off balance alot. You do not have to have pain to have this problem, but it is most often overlooked as the cause by most doctors. Stress, or any continuous position, such as looking down, can tighten up the muscles in your upper back and neck, and these muscles push on the blood vessels going to the brain, affecting the oxygen supply to the brain. I had this problem a few times and went to the doc who tried treating me for everything else. In the end, I ended up finding out what it was myself ( as I had the same symptoms after whiplash ). I went to rub my neck and the muscles were hard as rock, when I pushed on them, it brought on my symptoms even worse. I had to go to physical therapy, where they know how to treat this, and this is what took care of it both times. Please consider this and have it checked as it is common and most times overlooked by docs. Good luck to all of you and I hope you find some relief.
Hi again! It sounds to me like your low back problem is aggravating your neck problem, as this is very common.
I know MRI's can be pretty expensive, so I would suggest asking your doctor to check your muscles in your upper back either side of your shoulder blades, and your neck.
Some people call these trigger points.
Any tenderness or knots in these areas will bring on and aggravate your symptoms if this is the source.
I learned how to check myself after going to therapy. All I had to do was squeeze my shoulder close to my neck and I would get very lightheaded or dizzy, and I then go back to therapy.
So yes, if there is something going on with your muscles, physical therapy is what I have found works wonders for the pain and light headedness.
The therapist taught me that our muscles have a memory, and any wrong move or overuse can bring this problem on again.
The therapy started working immediately compared to any other treatment.
Meds and soaking do not take care of the problem, they just make me feel better for awhile.
I first spent years with on and off back problems, going to a chiro and getting adjusted, as I would be bent to the side, limp, and in alot of pain.
The problem was, I had to go so often to get adjusted, and it would just go out again eventually.
Sometimes I could go for months, sometimes only weeks with no problem.
When I did go for treatment, it ended up being my whole back and neck that needed adjustment, as your low back is the foundation of your spine, so it just moves up and affects everything.
Because you hardly have any disc left, this would affect anything above that area, and many times below also, like me.
I am on disability now as I will also need neck surgery because of bone spurs in my neck, and as far as my low back goes, I have another herniation, which makes it hard for me to stand long, sit long, lift much, you name it.
My girlfriend's fibro was helped with physical therapy. She has no computer so she is never on the boards, and she works part time.
The surgery I had years ago helped with the herniation and the pain going down my leg, the problem was, I didn't know I had stenosis also, which is why I can't stand real long, so I went to docs for that problem forever hearing one opinion after another.
In the meantime I would stand too long without realizing it and be in terrible pain and limping, and laid up for a week at a time with no answers.
Then I ended up herniating again from just bending to look at something in a store.
From researching, I found out that I was slowly herniating again, untill one day it just never got better, which was what happened years ago too.
I didn't know a person could herniate this way untill I read up on it when it first happened.
I believe your disc may have alot to do with your other back and neck problems. The problem is, I also went from one doc to the next trying to get help, like you, and ended up having to live with it, knowing full well one of these days I was not going to get better after being laid up, which is exactly what happened.
I have degenerative disc disease, alot of arthritis, bone spurs, and stenosis, so nobody wants to do surgery on me as its genetic and runs in my family and will just keep getting worse.
So I applied for disability, and of course was denied like everybody else is, and got an attorney and then was approved without going to court.
So I would suggest getting your muscles checked first, just ask to have those areas I told you about checked.
About the disc in your low back, if this is not taken care of, it will eventually get worse so if you are living around this daily, if it affects every aspect of your life, and you have to be careful with everything you do, I would see what you can do to fix it.
About fibro, i know how some people think about that, and my girlfriend applied for SSD and put that as the reason and the judge would not even see her or take her case because he didn't believe in it.
It is not right but that's how some people think. They consider it as pain of an unknown origin, so some decide it must be in your head.
Life can be unfair, but that's how it goes! My GF was working at a job, cleaning her house, vacuming, babysitting her grandchildren, moving furniture, running till she was exausted, and approved for disability, while i was laid up in pain, unable to stand or walk, had her running errands for me, doing my housework for me, and I was denied lol.
It was not funny at the time though!
Is the disc problem and fibro the only things you have been diagnosed with? Because with the disc problem, this affects many other areas.
And my doc tried to diagnose me with fibro too, untill I argued with him because my pain and symptoms were coming from my neck problem, ( I knew this because of years of problems ) which is severe stenosis there also, and large bone spurs.
This was found by accident by the way. I woke one morning and could not move my shoulder. The doc ordered x-rays on my neck and then an MRI.
It took years for me to get help though. When it is degenerative, it progresses slowly, and the docs have a hard time figuring out what the problem is.
I would suggest getting your muscles checked, and keeping an eye on the disc in your low back. If you have too many problems, the doctor will order an MRI, but that is up to you if you want one, but I am not sure which part of your back it should be on.
I had one on my neck and back, because my legs were terribly weak, but the ortho ordered both of them.
Let me know what you decide to do. We have to be our own advocate when it comes to our health. Good luck to you
I had an MRI on my lower back which showed the bad disk. But I already knew that. I have arthritis in the back which I figure was to be expected. I also have mild scoliosis. I've also had a brain MRI. A friend has ms & fibro. Because of my probs he thinks I have ms but so far. I've had chronic fatigue since I was 18 & also the derealization. They hit one after another. Took 11 yrs to finally get any answers. Then fibro kicked in. At first the pain was mild so I didn't agree with the fibro diagnosis at first. When I had my first flare I went back to the Rhum & took it serious. Unfortunetly it's just gotten worst & worst the last 3 yrs. when I had just chronic fatigue I pushed myself 24/7. I was a single mom for a long time & felt like if I stopped I wouldn't get back up. Now the pain & fatigue are bad. It would be unbearable without meds. I've tried going med free & would just lay on the couch hoping for it to ease. Couldn't live like that. I take Savella, Wellbutrin, Flexeril (muscle relaxer) & Tramadol. Tramadol was only when pain was unbearable. But pain has been really bad since about August. Just not a life... So i take it daily now.
When I flare I go through phases when I'm extremelly sick. I can't push myself anymore or over do it. It's been tough on my marriage. Difficult raising our kids. I miss the days when it wasn't as bad. But I know without a doubt I have fibro. I have all the issues. But I do think there is something else going on also. I have low thyroid but that's been manageable. Also have bad knees but rarely have problems with them.
I applied for ssi over a year ago. I'm in the 3rd phase, waiting on a judge... I try not to think too much on it. If I get denied I'll just keep applying. Don't have a choice...
I seen some kind of sports injury specialist about the time fibro kicked in. With fibro my first pain was my back pain got really bad. But bone rubbing bone it's gonna be painful. But next my neck, upper back & shoulders started hurting & the pain just wouldn't go away. Even now it's constant, always painful. But when I complained about the pain he acted like I was lying or something. He said there was no reason why it would hurt & not caused from the disk. Not long after I was diagnosed with fibro. Been tested for everything over the years & now I get routine blood work yearly.
With Tendar points I have the fibro tender points which are the worst but sensitive all over.
Anyhow, does it feel like you are having improvement? Even a little improvement makes a big difference right?

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