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I'm so worried, PLEASE HELP! Weird symptoms...?
Okay, here goes. I am a 23 year old female, and I have been having the weirdest things going onto me EVER! I seriously think I have a brain tumor, or friggan blood clot, OR BOTH! NO IDEA...

SO, I get dizzy a lot, have weird feelings in my head, sort of feels like I am wearing a hat, or like the veins in the top of my head are tight, my eyes will go out of focus sometimes, or I'll get a really weird halo like vision in my left eye sometimes that lasts for awhile.. While, recently, I will tense up so bad at times that it feels like maybe I am about to have a seizure or something?? Like it feels like something really really bad is about to happen, but doesn't. This has happened to me two times now. Also, in my left thigh I have felt a really tight almost like grabbing feeling in it, like something is squeezing on my veins or muscles! I also feel this towards my groin at times, and now I have felt it in the back of my neck!! Not to mention my left leg will get a weird almost tingly feeling in it, and my foot feels like it starts to swell really bad, and i cannot bend it foward, or my toes in foward as well... also i feel that grabbing feeling on the top of my left foot too... sometimes when i lay down, i will get this weird weird weird feeling throughout my body, like a sensation all through it, sort of tingling or boiling blood feeling if that even makes any sense, i dunno how else to describe it. Recently my shoulders go a super super hot feeling in them!!! It freaked me out soooooo bad!!!! I went to the ER for my foot thinking I had a blood clot, and all the doctor did was feel around on my foot, and did NOT give me the ultra sound, I wanted one but he felt like I didn't need it, because he didn't think there was a problem.... I cannot afford an MRI, because I do not have insurance!! I went to a normal doc and all they tell me is that it is allergies, how in the world could all this be because of allergies, he also said my b12 may be low so he did a blood test, and i have to get the results back.. but i am just soooo terrified i have a tumor or something, and i am scared to death, and have no idea what is going on with my body, and no one is telling me anything, and i cannot get an MRI, which I seriously really really really want one. I am so sick of worry everyday thinking I am going to die or something, I just don't know what to do anymore.

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