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i am actually trying to figure out, esp since you had this happen twice and they did the SAME test with NO contrast, just what they were even thinking here? upon the second time presenting like this, THAT seriously should have qualified for at the very LEAST a contrasted MRI or even better at least MRA WITH contrast just to even be also to fully see/clear any of your arteries from a possible annie.

while some anuerysms can very easily be seen, even upon CT, they generally have to be in just that 'right' spot, or much larger? while doing a contrasted MRA would most definitely help in seeing even down to all the many many even tiny bends that are in our arteries. my annie showed up ONLY upon whats called a 3 tesla scan(uses three times the norm magnetism of standard MRI) and my MRA, both done WITHOUT contrast since i had an already Dxed kidney disease but my neph only told me to decline contrast whever offered. did not even know that there WAS a really great med i could have taken and been able to very safely just use contrast without it impacted my known kidney diseae then.

but my smaller annie and also just being right in that bend of my superior cerebellar artery inside my brain DID show up on the MRA and tesla but not even upon plain MRI even. so you ARE at least going to be getting the very best types of testing to see if anything is indeed within an artery such as annies or any type of possible vascular malformations. its just how these tests work. so honestly, if there really IS something in the arteries,i would think the realistic chances of this at least showing itself are indeed pretty high considering what did manage to show upon my scan where it was and being as small as it was too?

the thing about annies is anyone can have one develop for various reasons, and not have any real 'known risk factors" present either? all it takes is a weakening in any given arterial wall to actually create that little 'pocket' or outpouching that IS an annie in us. but i DO think they are doing what IS needed here that just should really have been done the second time you entered the ER with the same symptoms, just as a possible rule in rule out type of diagnostic testing. are you experiencing ANYTHING other than only the headpain here, and i DO mean ANYTHING considered 'not normal"? i never had ANY headpain with my annie(more than likely only becasue it was thankfully still on the smaller side), just a wierd heat flush that started at the top of my head then flushed down into my c spine, that was IT. that just would kinda pop in and out over time.

the "gold standard" of truely seeing the best possible almost 3 D type of good look into all the arteries within the brain actually is an angiogram. this just is 'turnable' within the rotation upon the screen when any neurorad does the angio? really freaky to actually see this. but anything within your vessels, or anything at all questionable, they would more than likely follow up with the angio.

there just can be MANY possibles when it comes to having headpain that also have nothing at all to really even 'do" with ANY arterial malformations, so please DO also keep that in mind too, K? while it 'can' happen, it is not that common, K? there would be many more other "likely" and much more common reasons for headpain than an actual annie.

just wait and see what the MRI/MRA actually tell you. and make certain to always obtain your very own copies of any and all testing results so YOU can read thru them yourself and just have them for your own medical files too. they DO come in very handy, trust me. just when is that test scheduled for? please DO keep us posted, marcia

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