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Im 38 years old 186 & 77kg. I have been in great health all my life. 5 weeks ago i felt like i picked up some sort of virus - i felt tired, mild headaches, upset stomach & mild indigestion. I was ok to work so carried on. I then went on a overseas business trip & suddenly felt a lot worse on arrival. For 4 days I had diarrhea, abdominal cramps, hot & cold fever at night that would keep me up. My body felt like it was electrically charged at night & i was having headrushes that made me sit up in bed. During the day i noticed i was getting similar headrushes - maybe 4 or 5 times during the day. They would last for about 2 secs, weren't painful & there was no redness but a bit worrying. Sometimes they were brought on by eating. i went to the nearest medical centre & my blood pressure was 160/95. My normal pressure is between 125-130/75-80. Doc there just said i had some sort of virus which should pass & didnt give me anything.

On returning home i felt better. diarrhea had gone, fever gone but i still had a couple of nights where i went to bed & after about 30mins of lying there i felt my pulse pounding in my head & then would feel a surge which would go to my head. Lasted a couple of seconds. For the first two nights my body felt 'wired' - couldnt sleep.

I went to my Gp next day & my BP was 155/90. He ordered blood tests which came back ok, i did a diabetes test which was negative & did a 24hr urine test which showed slightly elevated adrenaline levels of 104 nmol. I had a CT scan on chest which showed nothing & had an ultrasound on pelvic area, bladder, lower abdomen & kidneys - again no abnormalities reported.

I began to feel much better, no abdominal issues, no hot & cold sweats at night although i did feel mild headaches now & then & also felt very mild versions of the headrushes i had experienced before. They were now happening every couple of days but i could only just feel them & they were more like just tingling in my head. My BP had come down a lot. I bought a BP Machine & have been checking it every day. BP has been ranging from 125-135 & 75-85 over the last 4 weeks with one spike of 149/90. My GP doesnt seem overly concerned but has referred me to a hypertension specialist . Generally over the last 4 weeks since i was ill ive felt good, lots of energy, appetite back but have had random feelings of tingling in my hands & these vague tingling episodes in my head.

A week ago I changed my diet as i thought maybe it was because of my lifestyle - i have been under a lot of work stress this year (no holiday yet) & eating unhealthy food - takeaways etc. I cut out yeast, gluten, alcohol & cafffeine.
I did feel some side effects of this - mild headaches & aches.
Then two days ago i started having abdominal discomfort again. Nothing major but it just got me worried - rumblings, feeling of pressure in my abdomen & a bit of diarrhea. Still got my appetite & my BP is around 128 everytime i check it but i just have this sense that all is not quite right but i cant put my finger on it. I feel the tingling in my head i get once every couple of days is linked to something going on in my abdomen. Yesteday evening i noticed a frequent need for urination that ive never had before which is not there today.

Could it be the lingering effects of some sort of virus? Something more sinister? These symptoms seem like they could be attributed to anything. Im feeling really anxious about it.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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