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Re: Need help!
Oct 17, 2010
I know of 2 dif. sources of head pressure that I had a problem with. If you noticed when it came on, was it a weather change? Head pressure was my ONLY symptom for an entire summer, and made me feel completely out of it all the time. After months of feeling like I was going crazy, I finally figured out it was the weather and my sinuses swelling in response to something in the air. I did try over the counter allergy meds, but the prescription allegra from the doc did wonders for me and I did fine from then on. The other thing that caused nonstop head pressure was when I had a problem with the deep muscles in my neck and shoulder blades, they were strained, and were putting pressure on the blood vessels going to my brain, making me feel nonstop pressure in my head, and feeling like I was floating all the time. Physical therapy took care of that problem. I hope you find the cause. It may be something in the air, thats all it was with me but took me an entire summer of suffering to figure it out.

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