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Re: Need help!
Oct 16, 2010
I have had pressure in my head for more than 6 years straight, every day. It is a nearly constant sensation and as you describe, one of the worst aspects of it is trouble with concentration and short term memory--"brain fog" as we call it. It does seem to get worse gradually. So far I have not found answers but I haven't had enough testing done, mostly due to anxiety and stalling.. although I have no valid excuses to stall, now that I got insurance some months ago.

I've talked to many people online who have had the constant head pressure, most of them either can't find an answer or just stop posting. However, quite a few have found relief. But I won't get into all that unless I'm sure you're willing to respond and share your experience.

Do you remember the first day you felt the head pressure, and any possible trigger?
Re: Need help!
Dec 27, 2010

There is a connection between brain and bowel. I found that when I was infected with the Blastocystis Parasite there was a tremendous amount of pressure in my head, dizziness and emotional symptoms (panic disorder) as well as physical symptoms. It might be a good idea to get a complete stool parasite testing and ask for Blasto testing as well. If your bowel is operating properly it will reflect accordingly.


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