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Re: Need help!
Dec 27, 2010

There is a connection between brain and bowel. I found that when I was infected with the Blastocystis Parasite there was a tremendous amount of pressure in my head, dizziness and emotional symptoms (panic disorder) as well as physical symptoms. It might be a good idea to get a complete stool parasite testing and ask for Blasto testing as well. If your bowel is operating properly it will reflect accordingly.

Re: Need help!
Jun 13, 2011
Hello, Daycareworker! I too have discovered I have Blastocystis thanks to a stool test. I was traveling in SE Asia, had terrible diarrhea and continued to lose weight at an alarming rate once I returned home. Having taken metronidazole for 10 days as prescribed by a doctor I continue to experience constant headaches, skull pressure, tingling in various places around my head/neck. This started about 2 weeks before I went to the doctor and has persisted for 6 weeks or more. I've also been experiencing the dizziness, confusion, anxiety, irratability mentioned in many of these postings. My weight and diarrhea seem to be under control but I'm really avoiding sugar, processed foods.

I was considering seeing a neurologist or seeking a CT scan or MRI until I decided to check into any connections between my headaches/skull pressure and blastocystis infection. I would truly appreciate any insight you meet be able to share and/or treatments that have worked for you. Best regards!

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