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My symptoms are headaches of increasing intensity/duration of 7 months, vertigo (putting my foot down and the ground appears to move under it), progressive memory loss, nausea, insomnia, dizziness (space spinning around), vision changes, exhaustion, extreme muscle weakness, and muscle pain.

I had been telling my Mother about these problems for a few months when we then found out my baby sister was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation, which 3 weeks ago was corrected with surgery. At my doctors appointment for my headaches, etc, I mentioned my sister. Long story short he ordered an MRI of my brain.

I received the report today in the mail, after being called by the nurse and told it was normal.

[U]It is as follows:[/U] Areas of T2 prolongation are noted along the ventricle margins and within the posterior white matter. Normal flow voids are present within major arteries of the skull base. There is no acute diffusion restriction or hemorrhage. The ventricles are normal in size. Mastoid air cells and the visualized sinuses are clear.

[U]Impression:[/U] Nonspecific white matter findings as noted.

I am not an alarmest. I do, though, wish to find some medical help with these headaches. I am requesting a neurology consult due to the fact that I was verbally told the MRI was normal, but according to my laymen interpretations of this written report, it appears not to be completely normal.

It will be a long wait for a consult. Can someone please help to enlighten me as to what this report means? I would appreciate it very much. One thing I am not is patient! ;)

Thank you so much,

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