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[QUOTE=abeasley;4628634]Hi everyone,

I have Arnold Chiari Malformation myself and just have a few questions for anyone with Arnold Chiari Malformation or anyone that knows someone with Arnold Chiari Malformation.

1. How old were you when you developed symptoms?

2. What were your symptoms?

3. Do you know what caused your malformation?

4. How old were your parents when you were born? 35+?

5. Do you suffer from any kind of anxiety or depression? If so, please elaborate.

6. Do you have any other health problems? For example, lupus, diabetes, autism etcetera.

7. Do you have a husband and/or children?

8. Have you had the decompression surgery?

Thank you so much![/QUOTE]

1. 27 .... it has been a year, I am 28 now and was just diagnosed today 4/6/11

* Constant pressure/ache on left side of head and at rear of head whenever I turn head or look up or down.
* rush of blood feeling on same side when I stand up or bend down.
* If I stand up from laying down I get dizzy and have tunnel vision.
* floaters and blurry vision with eye pressure.
* numbness on right leg and right arm that comes and goes.

3. Don't know, but I had a small concussion when I was 10 I'm now 28. I was also kicked in the nose at 14 when I got in a fight.

4. Mom was between 22-24 not sure. Dad was 28

5. I was diagnosed as being bi-polar back in 2002

6. I have HTLV-1

7. Husband and 2 kids.

8. No....and I'm scared about the idea of it.

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