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honestly? just given YOUR presenting symptoms along with the MRIs that showed varying issues, i would definitely seek out a good neurosurgeon for at least an eval of YOU and a consult too, just to see what an NS may feel? just for that level of real hands on expertise and knowledge alone is usually worth that much. depending pretty much upon the actual knowledge AND more importantly the overall experience of ANY real type of specialist just has will pretty much dictate what 'their' overall impressions simply are. neurologists just do NOT have that (esp in your case much needed) "inner deeper working knowledge" that someone who actually goes into these areas does and actually 'sees" the "inside part of patients presentations" you will have with most NSs?

with my insane spinal cord nightmare i had going on, i actually saw a end total of three seperate neurosurgeons who, the first two gave me two totally differering 'views/impressions' of what was a glob of blood vessels that i had been born with inside of my spinal cord in my c spine level just even 'ment' for me? it took a third and much much more huighly knowledgable NS who simply had delt MANY many times with what "I" happened to have inside my cord to truely tell me what i was dealing with. that totally came down to the actual hands on experience in even seeing patients with what i had type of knowledge that got ME to the best possible NS for what MY insane problem just was. this was the head of NS at the U of MN, and i thank god i was finally able to be sent there at all since i did require a very major surgery that resected this lil sucker out of my actual spinal cord before it would have its next bleed that would completely close off the rest of my remaining cord space and paralyze me too. but this WAS HIS overall experience and seeing well over hundreds of patients over his thirty plus years of just doing his job that gave ME the best possible eval/consult and defining/tracking back all my insane symptoms to mostly that cavernous hemangioma for me to get the best overall treatment/eval and then the freaky surgeryand bizarre recovery.

what any 'good' NS would do for you here is do a much more in depth type of stimulated/evoked response neuro eval(just hands on testing looking for particular reactions in your responses) and look at all of your ongoing symptoms along with the MRIs you bring in too. they do NOT put much stock into what any given rad report states but DO usually do their very own interpretation of your films. this IS ten times better than any mere rad would or could do, so that is the best read you could probably obtain actually.

i have simply had to see many a neurologist and neurosurgeon among other specialists over the mostly past ten years(six surgeries and an aneurysm), and NSs are almost always the best way to go when you just have the particular findings that you have had so far. this IS where i would go if this were me, trust me.

your overall neck pain could very easily be stemming from that herniated disc which would also be shooting out possible inflammatory signals to muscle/fascia? that little "chain reaction' creates what is the 'guarding posistion' to kick in surrounding the neck, upper back muslces which becasue of the way the 'gropups' of muscle just sit,can also overly tighten way fuirther up at more often the base of our skulls? i am dealing with this right now too.

since your PM doc stated you should see a NS, i would seek out the needed referral from that doc, or your basic primary doc. it depends more upon what your ins requires as to 'who' in most cases even CAN do your referrals. you do NOT have to obtain any referals from another 'specialist to see another specialist" in almost every case. that responsibility in most cases, usually relies more upon YOUR primary doc who just IS who is supposed to be in charge of the overall co ordination of any patients care. this is how my ins works with certain referrals.

but one other thing here that you seriously just NEED to know? mere 'scans' of any given area are just THAT, only scans and not a full on "picture" of an area, so alot of things may not even actually show up on even the best and clearest types of scans. even with contrast, which does help. but you would be amazed at what what i have seen down in esp the spinal boards here with what a persons actual MRI looked like and what the surgeons actually find/found once they got inside of a person? in some cases, very critical findings that can only BE seen upon going in, will simply NOT show on the scan films at all, no matter just what the type of actual scan has been done. it just truely is only "scanning" an area, not a kodak moment. so also keep that in mind too. i found out THAT reality from the NS who told me this very thing before my cord surgery when he phrased a sentence with "depending upon what we find when we get in there"? and i was like you HAVE my MRI? and he explained to me exactly what i just told you. but becasue you had a previous MRI before this one that showed what appeared to be something that is NOT showing on this particular scan, i would definitely bring THAT along too to any NS consult/eval you get set up. just so that NS can see what was showing? it could have been shadowing or an odd angle too that made things 'look/appear' like you did indeed have the chiari? you just never truely know for certain til it really shows itself with IDing symptoms, gets seen with actual visual during any given surgery or your neuro symptoms simply track back to very specific 'only' areas of involvement.

but DO make that NS appt after you obtain the needed referral. i seriously DO feel that knowing what i went thru and how my symptoms were and still are but different from my damge that your symptoms ARE showing whats going on, you simply DO need that all interpretted with the specific neuro evals and descriptions of your symptoms. the good thing about the hands on neuro eval is that how your own body parts respond/do not respond when certain types of testing is simply done is what will show how involved certain areas are. your responses just DO tell any good NS alot more than any scan or what you try and describe to them too. sorry for the length here. but i would get thee to a good NS here since you are not going to get anywhere with this "ologist" who sounds like he is a pretty lazy lil dude to me as well as not that knowledgable? you simply DO need definition and reason that he cannot give you. i do wish you luck with this and hope you can get to a good and experienced NS for the best possible care. please do keep us posted kelly, marcia

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