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Hi, your symptoms are more likely coming from your neck. Doctors overlook the muscles in the neck as the source and the person suffers with dizzy spells, head pressure, numb spots etc. I wrote a very long post titled " If you are dizzy and lightheaded, one thing docs miss " that describes what I went through, and it was all coming from muscles in my neck. I would suggest getting your neck checked out, and then going to physical therapy. The tension in the muscles causes knots, these knots press on the blood vessels going to the brain, this causes the dizzy spells, light headedness, and numb areas. I have had this a few times and still had to argue with the doctor on what was causing it. The spine doctor believed me and asked what worked before, I told him physical therapy, and he sent me there. Stress does not normally cause all the symptoms you are describing, but a problem with the upper back and neck muscles does. I really hope you can get some help with this. I know how it is to have to live like this. If you just put pressure on your own shoulder blades by squeezing, or on your neck, and it feels very tense and aches, it will aggravate the symptoms, you will know this is the problem. About the spot on your head, I had a lump on one side in the back of my head, that caused a ton of head pressure all the time, it also ached if I put pressure on it, and there were numb areas on my head also. My chiro explained what it was, nothing serious, but it is similar to cartilage that holds the skull together, this was knotted up also, pulling all the other around it very taut, causing the pressure. The chiro used an activator on it and it helped immensely, after a few times it went away and so did the head pressure. As for the other symptoms, I recommend a physical therapist, as I started getting relief almost immediately. Please let me know how you come out.

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