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It's quite odd. I have perhaps the strangest medical problem or the worst possible psychological problem I could ask for. One night when I woke up, I couldn't feel air in my lungs like I could before (still could breathe and didn't feel out of breath) and a lack of sensation in my arms. :dizzy:

Since then, it has spread around my body, and I have lost pleasure doing things I used to, and feel no emotion :(. Some of the symptoms are definitively psychological and probably arose in response to the first ones, but that loss of sensation in general and perverted perception of everything seems just a little odd for a psychological problem.

I mean, all perceptions! I can't feel aroused in heart when holding people. I don't feel tiredness as I used to, only notice it. When I close my eyes, I don't see vivid light etched onto it swimming (abnormal as it may seem it brings me pleasure and relaxation in memory). Music and dutiful action (good grades and such) don't tempt me as much. I can laugh and smile a bit still, but to less pleasure (feels a bit like choking, and smiling hardly feels like anything). I don't want to play video games, or go out with friends, etc.

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