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I just read your original post again, and since nothing has been found in the tests, and it seems to come on when you are laying down, it may be caused from your muscles and the position you are in at the time. It is called positional vertigo. With this can come the numbness etc. When a person has a severe dizzy spell, it can feel like you are going to pass out, I have had these, where if I were sitting and had one, I felt like I would have fallen over and passed out if I had been standing. Muscles that are tense, put pressure on certain blood vessels when you lay down, affecting the circulation and causing the numbness and tingling. This can happen while a person is up and about too, depending on their position. This is a common problem and is easily overlooked as the cause. My hands go numb at times, but only when I am laying down. I found out it is the position I am in that is causing it, and it stems from my neck problem. This went away after I went to physical therapy for a problem with my neck. I have had neck problems on and off for years since a car accident, and it will cause the light headedness, terrible dizzy spells, etc., yet I did not even know myself this was the cause because I am not always in any pain. I will have many other symptoms, but not notice a problem with my neck, and a few times, went to the doc for the light headedness and dizzy spells, only for the doc to overlook that as a cause also, and try to treat me for something else. I actually discovered the source myself by accident, when I went to rub my shoulder blade one time and realized it was hard as a rock and very very tender. When I put pressure on it, it brought on extreme light headedness and dizziness, so I knew this was the problem and had to tell the doctor this myself and go back to physical therapy. You can check your shoulder and neck muscles yourself, by giving yourself a very firm massage. If this brings on any symptoms, you will know it's in your muscles and the treatment is physical therapy. Obama changed insurance so it is available to everybody. If it's not available where a person works, or they do not work, or they cannot afford it, it just takes a phone call the the dept. of human services to ask for an application to be mailed to them, filled out, and and they then set up an appt. with you. They go back a few months also, and cover previous doctor appts.

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