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Very worried
Jan 17, 2011

i have really unusual symptoms which are making me increasingly worried. i have very strong and weird pressure like feelings in the left side of my head, especially behind my eye and also in the back of the head going down my neck. I also get these weird nerve/pressure sensations in my left wrist, hand and also fingers on my left hand. i'm also getting the same sensations down my left leg to my foot. they all range throughout the day in severity, but are almost always there.

I was suffering from the same thing just before christmas and was so scared that i had something seriously wrong with me i spent loads of money on a private neurologist and an MRI scan of my brain and spine. the doctor emailed me saying that my scans were fine.

I used to smoke cigarettes and pot quite extensively from around the age of 17-24 (stupid, i know) and in the last couple of years have pretty much stopped but still sometimes smoke cigarettes (especially with alcohol).

Over christmas these sensations stopped, and have only come back after one smoking cigarettes again. I'm never going to smoke again!

I'm just really concerned that something serious is wrong with me...any thoughts? I don't wanna keep going back to the doctor.


Phil Robinson

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