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Yes, I just had my Lumbar Puncture (LP) recently in order to measure the opening pressure. It should be around 21 or so, mine was 30 - too high. The LP was first attempted ny my Neurologist in her office and she struck out four times - probably because I am overweight -- we moved down to x-ray and the LP was done with the use of a Fluero scope (sp?) and so, even after being stuck six times, there was no bruise - I took the next day to rest. I felt so good right when they removed all that fuid - I will do it again as often as necessary, until I need a shunt. My followup is the 23rd of Feb.
My medicine is to primarily counter the optic nerve pressure, but the rest of the pressure is still causing headaches, dizziness, nausea, ear ringing and "swooshing" sounds when I move my eyes. I afraid the meds are not hitting the root cause.

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