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Hey guys,
I have to say this all sounds way too familiar!! I am happy (and sad) that there are others experiencing the same. I could list all the symptoms but you've mentioned them all already! (including feeling like passing out under bright lights, disconnected (Dream like) and even clearing your throat). Hopefully we can bounce enough ideas off each other to figure SOMETHING out!

I wanted to share some thoughts with all of you.

-I tried going to a naturopath and took a food allergy test to find that I was "sensitive" to SO many things. I stopped eating all those foods for over a year with no much improvement. (Could work for you guys though)

-I thought maybe it was low stomach acid and I wasnt absorbing vit/mins well. I took HCl pills for awhile and they showed my acids were low. They are now better but with no improvement (Again, might work for you guys. Might not be the answer but could help with some symptoms?)

-This slowly started over the years with fatigue being the starting and bags under my eyes. I remember getting "Swine flu" and being so foggy I couldnt do anything. Since then I feel like it never cleared and now have many other symptoms

-I was on tetracycline for over the recommended time (1 year)

-I know I have iron deficiency. This is something you guys might want to look into if you havent already. I am working on getting that up but conventional doctors seem to think "its fine", but I know its low

-I have SVT (heart) and went to doctors years ago who just told me its normal and its nothing to worry about

-I have another condition related to my kidneys (but they say its harmless too)

That's what comes to mind so far. I hope we can figure something out. I am SO sick of this and SO sick of doctors blowing me off.

Weird thing is for me nothing is ever consistent. Some days one symptom is better, somedays worse and I cant relate it to anything (weather, sleep, etc..). I also get body (flu like) aches all over at random times (which I dont think anyone else mentioned). What about you?

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