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[QUOTE=saltyk9;4675465]I'm sorry to hear everything you have gone and are going through.
While reading your post, I immediately thought TMJ... pretty much all of your symptoms can be those of TMJ. You said you considered that but it was not the case... how did you find this out?
I still think this may be your case but please explain how you got checked out for that and we'll go from there.[/QUOTE]

Hi and thanks for your response. I have considered this to be a possibility but have not ruled it out. On my last visit to the dentist he asked me if I grind my teeth because the xray revealed a great deal of wear on my teeth, which are all the same length now. The only thing is I have read about TMJ and although my symptoms may suggest that, I don't seem to have pain in my jaw when eating.

I can pop my jaw on one side if I move my jaw from side to side... I don't know if thats normal or not. Also, the pain I get in my eyes and across my forehead and down into my temple area only seems to be there on days when I wake up in the morning with it. Maybe this suggests clenching or teeth grinding?

I don't ever notice grinding or clenching at night time... but who would if they are sleeping. I just keep thinking that my Jaw should hurt more if it were TMJ wouldn't it?

Also, the eye floaters and tinnitus are there 24/7 and if they were TMJ related would they not only be there when having a flare up of TMJ?

Thanks again for your post... I look forward in hearing back from you.

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