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Hi, I've been having a lot of the same problems for the last 4 years. And I also describe mine as feeling like I'm dying. The ones I have similiar to yours are:

• Dizzy, wozziness, off balance feeling
• Feeling spaced out all the time, like my eyes are in a daze
• Concentration is terrible, brain fog all the time
• Feeling of pressure in my head
• Eyes feel unfocused
• Eye floaters
• Eye pain (they feel strained and tension like headache across my forehead and into temple area)
• Light sensitivity
• After images (especially when reading off a computer screen… if I look away I will see the text faintly on the wall for example)
• No energy at all, feeling fatigued all the time, yawning all day long
• Very gassy, mainly burping, and heart palpatations… even if I just drink water

Ones that I have that you did not mention are:

• A feeling of pressure in my left side under rib cage, sometimes making feel like it's hard to breath
• had to have Gal Bladder removed due to Gal Stones
• Terrible Anxiety and Depression
• Feeling of pressure in my chest and excessive worrying that I'm going to have a heart attack even though my EKG always looks fine

The only diagnosis I've ever gotten is that I have a Hiatal hernia, which they say causes most of the symptoms including the gas (burping), the pain in my side, the pressure in my chest.

All the rest of it, I keep getting told, are symptoms of anxiety.....more or less they keep telling me it's all in my mind.

I would be very interested in seeing what you learn on here so that I can come up with new things to ask my doctor about, to maybe finally get some decent help.

One question I want to ask you though is, before all this started was there a tramatic event in your life that might have lead to any of these symptoms like your lack of sleep and initial anxiety?

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