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After reading your most recent post it sounds even more to me like TMJ. You certainly would not notice yourself clenching and grinding at night because you are asleep. The fact that your teeth are losing enamel and shortening should be proof that this is in fact taking place. Another would be if you feel very 'stuffed' and achy in the morning (due to the fact you've been bruxing away all night long".

I too have TMJ and do not have pain in my jaw. IF you have TMJ, and it developed from all of the clenching and grinding, this is what happens...
your teeth are not the same as they were before. The way that your teeth come together (your lower and upper jaw) is known as occlusion and when that is not in the correct position, everything gets thrown out of wack. Since your teeth are now shorter, your upper and lower jaw are now meeting in the incorrect place when your teeth come together (everytime you chew, swallow, sleep, etc.) and this puts unnecessary strain on all of the surrounding muscles. Do you get stiff/sore muscles of the neck and shoulders?

This is the reason that your tinnitus is not just occurring during TMJ 'flares' but rather all the time. Because until you can have that relationship fixed where your jaws are meeting correctly and your muscles are working in harmony, you will always have this problem and most likely it will get worse. I urge you to check out the TMJ forums on this board and read some of the other posts and see if it resonates with your problem at all.

Good luck.

This is pulled from one of the sticky posts on that forum.

The Kinnie-Funt Visual Index of Head, Neck and Facial Pain and TMJ Dysfuction:

Eye Pain and Eye Problems:
- eye pain above, below, behind
- bloodshot eyes
- blurring of vision
- bulging appearance
- pressure behind the eyes
- light sensitivity
- watering of the eyes
- drooping of the eye lid

Head Pain, Headache Problems, Facial Pain:
- forehead pain
- temporal pain
- "migraine" type headache
- "cluster-type" headache
- sinus headache under the eyes
- posterior headaches, back of head, with or without shooting pains
- hair and/or scalp painful to touch

Mouth, Face, Cheek, and Chin Problems:
- discomfort or pain to any of these areas
- limited opening
- inability to open the jaw smoothly or evenly
- jaw deviates to one side when opening
- inability to "find bite" with teeth

Teeth and Gum Problems:
- clenching or grinding at night
- looseness and or soreness of back teeth
- tooth pain

Jaw and Jaw Joint Problems:
- clicking, popping jaw joints
- grating sounds
- jaw locking opened or closed
- pain in cheek muscles
- uncontrollable jaw or tongue movements

Ear Pain, Ear Problems, and Postural Imbalances:
- hissing, buzzing, ringing, or roaring sounds
- diminished hearing
- ear pain - without infection
- clogged, stuffy, "itchy" ears, feeling of fullness
- balance problems, "vertigo", dizziness, or disequilibrium

Throat Problems:
- swallowing difficulties
- tightness of throat
- sore throat without infection
- voice fluctuations
- laryngitis
- frequent coughing or constant clearing of throat
- feeling of foreign object in throat
- tongue pain
- salivation (intense)
- pain of the hard palate in the mouth

Neck and Shoulder Problems:
- lack of mobility - reduced range of movement
- stiffness
- neck pain
- tired, sore neck muscles
- shoulder aches
- back pain upper and lower
- arm and finger tingling, numbness and or pain
Hi, I've been having a lot of the same problems for the last 4 years. And I also describe mine as feeling like I'm dying. The ones I have similiar to yours are:

• Dizzy, wozziness, off balance feeling
• Feeling spaced out all the time, like my eyes are in a daze
• Concentration is terrible, brain fog all the time
• Feeling of pressure in my head
• Eyes feel unfocused
• Eye floaters
• Eye pain (they feel strained and tension like headache across my forehead and into temple area)
• Light sensitivity
• After images (especially when reading off a computer screen… if I look away I will see the text faintly on the wall for example)
• No energy at all, feeling fatigued all the time, yawning all day long
• Very gassy, mainly burping, and heart palpatations… even if I just drink water

Ones that I have that you did not mention are:

• A feeling of pressure in my left side under rib cage, sometimes making feel like it's hard to breath
• had to have Gal Bladder removed due to Gal Stones
• Terrible Anxiety and Depression
• Feeling of pressure in my chest and excessive worrying that I'm going to have a heart attack even though my EKG always looks fine

The only diagnosis I've ever gotten is that I have a Hiatal hernia, which they say causes most of the symptoms including the gas (burping), the pain in my side, the pressure in my chest.

All the rest of it, I keep getting told, are symptoms of anxiety.....more or less they keep telling me it's all in my mind.

I would be very interested in seeing what you learn on here so that I can come up with new things to ask my doctor about, to maybe finally get some decent help.

One question I want to ask you though is, before all this started was there a tramatic event in your life that might have lead to any of these symptoms like your lack of sleep and initial anxiety?

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