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No, I haven't found anything. I still have practically no idea how to get relief from it. My MRI w/ contrast and MRA came up normal with no abnormalities found.

I would not pursue the Chiari idea that the other poster writes about, not unless you also have extreme pain or some other truly disabling symptom along with the pressure. Relatively speaking, very little is known about Chiari Type 1, the surgery can be dangerous and you can end up much worse than before. Doctors don't even agree on how to diagnose it. The disorder is very much "up in the air" at this point.

There have been several cases of people who allegedly had Chiari 1 on this board who got the surgery and then had to go on to get more surgeries and procedures done (shunts to drain fluid build up and so on.) It seemed to be an absolute nightmare from what I read.

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