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Hi Benit,
This morning I visited the physio. She has given me an exercise to strengthen the muscles in the front of my neck so I can maintain a better posture. She manipulated the top of my neck for sometime. It was quite painful. when I sat up my head was so light -it felt amazing. That feeling did not last very long but now I know for sure I am on the right track with the head pressure. I am sure it will soon be a thing of the past.

Hi Benit,
Sorry I haven't been able to get back to you sooner.
To have correct posture I was told to rock my pelvis back and forth and stop in the middle. This causes your spine to straighten. Then I need to lower my head a bit so it is in a normal position. I was told to be conscious of my posture at all times.
Now I have been given an exercise to strengthen the muscles in my neck so it is easier to keep my head in the right position. It is not just lowering my head but pulling it in so rather than tilting I am pulling in. The physio said I should be able to feel the muscles in the back of my mouth tightening if I do it properly. I do that at least 5 times twice a day when I am laying down without a pillow. I have a very sore spot towards the top of my neck which is some way up the back of my head. She said the mechanics of my neck is wrong, even though it looks pretty normal on the MRI. I am sorry I have not explained very well. It is only a small movement with the neck muscles. You probably need a professional to help explain and demonstrate however it would be interesting to see if it helps you at all. Still no major difference, but I am hopeful,


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