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Last week on Feb. 2nd I woke up and my Right eye was closed, if I struggled I could open it, but I am seeing double vision where one image is above the other. My balance is off and I always seem to fall to the right. My eye is watery and I have a painful sensation in my eye. When I try to focus on something, my left eye looks at the target normally, but my right eye (the bad one) looks up and to the left. I have been diagnosed with Cluster Headaches, I have High Blood pressure, which is maintained by daily medications. My headaches have always been in my temple, but for some reason since last Wednesday I have had a headache in the top of my head.
If anyone could please give me some advice on what my next step should be I will truly appreciate it. I don't have very much money and can not afford a series of tests. Thank You so much.

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