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This all started last year around thanksgiving. Tonsillitis with a fever and general malaise, night chills and sweats. I went to the doctor got a rapid strep test and everything checked out fine. My tonsils were really bad and my doc thought i just had a sinus infection so she prescribed amoxicillin. Honestly i don't even remember when each symptom started anymore but ill do my best. After the tonsillitis i was feeling abnormal but it was bearable and just thought i was feeling unhappy from being inside so long. I started to feel somewhat better but there was always the idea that something was wrong in the back of my mind. probably a month later i had protected sex with a girl at school, then protected sex again with another girl a month later. the day after i developed a rash on my scrotum. this proceeded to balanitis. i got an std check and everything was negative. Doctor at school prescribed a cream which did nothing. Over the next few months more tonsillitis, lumps in my neck, ringing in ears, yellow tongue towards back of throat, enlarged sublingual tonsils, and bumps on the side of my tongue (not sores). Ive pretty much got rid of the rash by using the sauna and think it was just a fungal infection from having a compromised immune system. The yellow white tongue comes and goes and is definitely worse when i drink alcohol. For about 3 months now i haven't been drinking at all because i get severe brain fog the next day, inability to concentrate, and so on. the sauna has also helped me with these symptoms. Either my right eye is protruding or my eyelid is swollen. i noticed this when rubbing my eyes the right eyelid isnt as elastic i guess. My eyes also feel swollen in the morning, with conjunctivitis which just developed and sensitivity to light. Ive gone to an ent and he said the cysts in my neck are fine even though my neck has been stiff since this first happened it seems to be getting slightly better. the neck stiffness and tongue discoloration have been dismissed. i also have head pressure more near my temples and numbness in my hands when i lay down but thats mumbness isn't serious. a couple of weeks ago i got tonsillitis again and this time it was strep. well i think ive listed everything. nope and a small cyst in my earlobe which i recently developed. haha. i'm doing my best to cope as no one seems to want to help me and i workout/ run three times a week and have also modified my diet. any ideas to what is going on with me the personality change is the only thing i can't deal with. is its possibly Lyme disease or hepatitis

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