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It all started by clearing my throat after meal then production of mucous on a regular basis, also noticed whenever I am singing especially in church(C3) most cases I have to clear my throat to catch up with the song sometimes it seems like losing my voice then try to stop for sometimes then pick up the song again.

Later I was feeling a slight pain in my throat whenever I am eating even when drinking water. I did not take any medication as regards these symptoms until the faithful evening even I started coughing out blood, this landed me in the hospital because the blood was so much that the doctor place me on strong antibiotic to arrest the situation. I was discharge after few days started going to general hospital for frequent checkup. Recently, I started feeling imbalance in my movement and experiencing so much weight on both legs while standing, that I still experience as at this write up I need answer to recent development for prompt action.

Symptoms of Imbalance
Heaviness pressing/weighing down strongly from top centre of head passing by both ears down to neck/shoulders towards back, spine & centre of body. Head heaviest at back of head above neck. Feeling of tossing about in a sampan and feelings of being drunk. When I walk, is like the legs are too weak to support the upper part of the body, feeling of a force pulling/pushing on the upper back of the body. (like a stretched rubber band that springs back & forth) not feeling tired, but when I sit down, feeling of a force pushing me back against the sofa. Only feel better when sitting down on a sofa back that I can lean back my neck & head behind it. Feel as if my heavy back head / neck needs support in order to stand upright on its own.

“Pull & push” force on the upper back of my body & feelings of tossing about in a sampan & feelings of being drunk are strongest when I do any simple activity e.g. like doing computer work, repair, walking up and down attending to customers turn to be huge task. The fact is that I was not feeling like that before the above incidence.

I only feel good when I lie down (e.g. sleeping). My imbalance has something to do with gravitation. When I lie on the floor (horizontal) I’m OK & I don’t feel any heaviness at all, but the moment I move or stand up (vertical) slowly I get all the above symptoms. I feel good most of the time when I am not moving here and there, please, what do I do?



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