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[QUOTE=djwhiten;4707008]Hi! I had a MRI brain without contrast the findings are. A few mild deep white matter FLAIR hyperintensities may represent premature microvascular change or migraine sequela. I also had a cervical spine MRI without contrast. C2/3 mild uncovertebral hypertrophy no stenosis. C3/4 mild disc bulge and uncovertebral hypertrophy. Mild exit narrowing. C4/5 Mild disc bulge. mild uncovertebral and facet hypertrophy. mild right and moderate left exit stenosis. mild central narrowing. there may be effect on exiting left C5. C5/6 mild uncovertebral hypertrophy. no stenosis. C6/7 shallow central protrusion. mild uncovertebral and facet hypertrophy. no stenosis. C7/T1 moderate left facet hypertrophy. mild left exit narrowing with slight deflection and flattening exiting left C8. Impression mild to moderat spondylosis no severe stenosis. based on findings, correlation for left C5 and left C8 radiculopathies might be helpful... Any info on this would be helpful I have no clue of what it means. I am a 41 yr old female and 2 wks ago my left side of my face had numbess and then my neck went really stiff and the back of my head hurt so bad I went to ER they done a xray and nothing was found my family Dr. sent me for the MRIs. I have high pain tolerance, my back hurts me daily but I live with it I feel like its better than having surgery! I have had some numbness throughout my body since about a year ago I woke up from sleeping with a really bad stiff neck and very painful no headach tho. Since that day I get lost for words when I'm talking I know what I want to say but cant find the words, my memory is not what it use to be! I know this is alot But I;m a little worried!!![/QUOTE]

I can tell you what it all means if that will help. I've had many brain MRI's and many cervical spine MRI's and 2 major cervical spine surgeries.

The brain MRI is saying that you have some deep changes in your brain that could be from tiny strokes in the tiniest of blood vessels in your brain or as a result of the blood vessels going into spasm from having a migraine. Aside from having migraines, the tiny strokes are something we all have as we age but you may need something to keep you from having more of them. I take a full strength aspirin a day to act as a blood thinner to stop strokes. I've had the tiny ones and several small ones. Really helped to stop them and now my brain works much better. But don't rule out migraines as the cause. You can have a migraine without a headache. And they can be very serious.

As for the neck.......where you see the words "uncovertebral hypertrophy"....all that refers to is some arthritis in some tiny joints that come off the sides of the vertebrae. It is significant in that those tiny joints also make bone spurs that can hit nerves. Same for "facet disease or facet hypertrophy".

So the spinal cord goes down through the vertebrae from the brain and at every vertebra, a pair of spinal nerves peels off(like peeling a banana) and exits the bone. This is where most of the problems are. Those bone spurs can end up closing up the exit hole(what they refer to as "exits"). They rate how closed up the holes are with the following terms.....minimal, mild, moderate and severe with severe being the worst. You are mostly "mild". But you have "moderate" closing of the exit for the nerve on the left side at C5 and another problem at C8 although that is listed as mild but has some concern that it may be more moderate. Everywhere else is listed as "mild" whether it be the nerve exits or even the amount of room for the spinal cord.

Overall, you have a lot of arthritis but nothing that is really bad....just a ton of not so good. Those 2 nerves might be giving you pain/numbness in your left arm.

But most of your symptoms are probably coming form your brain and I bet it's migraines. Migraine headaches can do a lot of nasty stuff to you. It increases your chances of having a stroke too. My daughter has them and when she is sick with one, she is a total mess with symptoms much like you describe.

The good news with your neck is that nothing requires surgery.

See your doc and if he/she thinks it's migraines, consider seeing a headache specialist as migraines are greatly under treated by most docs and each year, they find more and more problems that migraines cause. It needs aggressive treatment if it's giving you so many problems at a young age.

And if it's strokes, then you need to find out why. High blood pressure? That is what has caused mine. I didn't always take my pills when I should have. Now I do...faithfully. If it's strokes, then the damage can be overcome with least some of it...maybe all of it. You are young.

You need to find the source.

I'm here if you have more questions.


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