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Gjoy, ty for your support. I am only persistent when the docs cannot figure it out and a person's symptoms are aggravated when these areas are checked, and it is obvious this is the source. I hate to see anybody suffer needlessly going from doctor to doctor and put on a bunch of meds. This is what happened to me years ago, 6 months of trips to the doctor and meds, all to find out it was in my muscles. Please get these areas checked Benit. The therapy is called counter strain. It is a new therapy that is not painfull at all, so I actually didn't think it would work last time I went, it worked wonders at releasing the knots in the muscles, and is the best therapy I have had over all these years. I have lived with this problem for 11 years after a car accident, and my symptoms will come on with no pain, ( just head pressure, light headedness, feeling not with it etc. ) so it takes me awhile to realize the problem, I check myself and go for therapy, a few sessions and I am done.
Hi Benit,

I think I may finally be on the right track after years of trying to find a solution. I think this works for you also. It was suggested I see an oral specialist to see if the pain and pressure in my head are coming from my jaw. He poked around at my head and neck and said it should not be so tender. He wrote a referral to a physiotherapist. I have seen a physio before who was no help. This one seemed to understand what I was talking about when I mentioned head pressure. He said it is like a hangover. You wake up and feel like you haven't slept. He said my neck is not normal and called me to another session where he talked about posture. He showed me on a skeleton how my neck is and how I need to straighten my back so my neck is in a normal position. I am trying but it is difficult to break bad habits of a lifetime. He said he will give me exercises with weights to strengthen my muscles. I had suggested my neck to the last neurologist but she was stuck on a psychiatric disorder. I believe it is helping some and it makes sense. I have had so many tests that have come up negative. I have only seen the physio twice because of the holidays but intend to see him regularly until he says my neck is normal and hopefully I will be feeling normal too.

Happy New Year


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