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B12 Deiciency?
Mar 30, 2011
Please help - I have no idea where to go next. I'll keep this short. Major symptoms started about 9 months ago, but looking back I have been experiencing some of these symptoms over a year ago.
Head foggy - can't focus
sparatic tingling/numbness in legs, fingers
twitching/muscle spasms under left rin and left leg, can last weeks.
head pressure, was daily and severe but now comes and goes
extreme anxiousness/nervousness - comes & goes
pain left side neck comes & goes
pain left upper jaw behind left eye, comes & goes
loss of balance always towards the left side only, comes and goes
have to eat every few hours or I feel sick/dizzy
get dizzy rather easy
mild vertigo comes and goes
join pain
spells of complete exhaustion to the point I walk into walls I'm so tired, comes and goes
some days I feel like I'm going crazy out of my mind
This seems to cover most of what i've been dealing with over last 9 months. Negative for thyroid though my perioxidase was a bit high. Started me on vitamin D. Neck scan, MRI neck not my artery. Did show herniated disks c7 and c5 though they said that was no big deal.

Some symptoms I have mild daily, others only once and a while, but they always come back.
Was diagnosed with panic/anxiety 10 yrs ago, though for the most part few issues over last 10 years. They are blaming all of this on my anxiety keep trying to put me on Paxil etc. I don't like taking meds. I have to question to why if I haven't had these issues in the last 10 years, how now it is all anxiety related???? Symptoms almost daily for last 9 months????? PA recently diagnosed me with Fibro, though I was only in her office for 10 minutes and she refused to listen to all my symptoms. Sent me home with amatriptyline, found out this morning it's an antidepressant, don't want to take it. She out right refuses to have my B levels tested and infact laughed at me. I do drink a lot of coffee and recently read that can reduce I think it was B1 levels. Basically the Dr's won't do anymore for me. I'm so frustrated - I hate being like this. Some days it is so bad, like today I can hardly spell correctly and my thoughts are confused. I'm the director of a non-profit and I simply can't afford to feel this way, I'm responsible for bringing the $$ in.

I need suggestions to what might be causing these symptoms, after research for 9 months I'm down to Fibro, MS, or lack of vitamin B. Secondly I would like to have my B levels tested on my owner considering my Dr's refuse but i'm out of work right now and can't afford it. Suggestions on what could be wrong? Suggestions of how I can find out? Any cheap testing out there etc? My nonprofit is suffering, I'm suffering and I think I'm making my husband crazy (poor guy, I try to stay tough but some days I break down and just cry that i'm so sick of being like this!) I'm 42 and I apologize for any misspellings, I can't spell when this happens.

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