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for the last few months i've been facing several health issues, my back was hurting and also throat and stomach issues, went to the doctor like 4 times and every medicines they gave me won't work thou the pain sometimes comes and sometimes go away, lately I've been depressed because of this and started having some sort of light pain in the back of my head like its a hot spot, and it spreads to the top of my head, my ears starts whistling and the worst part is that i feel retarded and i make slow desiccations, i start forgetting, i lost my appetites hence losing weight, i started having obsessions about what might cause this, sometimes i think i might have some brain disorder or a physical illness and sometimes i think it's just depression..i went to the doctor again he examined my blood pressure, my heartbeats, checked my eyes and breathing also my throat and he confirmed that i have nothing and its all psychological...i tried to chill for 3 days now, spending more time out and trying not to think about it so if it's psychological it might go away but at the end of every night the pressure in my head is still there with the ear whistling , i'm really in agony here and i don't know if i should see a head specialist (it's too expensive where i'm from and already spent too much on the other general doctors with no results) or just chill more and wait for it to go away.

please if you have any suggestions, and sorry for the long read, i couldn't explain my self better since english isn't my 1st language.

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