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Possible MS
May 9, 2011

One month ago my husband has had feel faint at work, he's chemist, and he's 32.
First he has felt numb on his right part of his face, then his right hand and arm. After 15 minutes this sensation was gone, but then he feels dizzy and confused.
After this he went to the ER, they've done CT Scan, blood tests, and cardiac exam and have found nothing abnormal.
The numbness has last for a week, and then nothing happened.
He has done a MRI of the brain and they have found a lesion in the right side of his brain, then they've ordered him to do an MRI of the spine and several nerves tests like EMG...and some blood tests too because they've suspected he has MS.
All of those tests came back negatives.
We were thinking it was a good thing but apparently not that much because they said it's possible that it's just the beginning of the MS, so he had to do an other brain MRI in 3 month to see if the lesion is still there and if other lesions have appeared.

I know that you can't tell me if my husband had MS or not, but I would like to know if some of you have had similar experiences and then have been diagnosted with MS or if it was an other problem or maybe nothing afterall.
What do you think about my husband situation?
We are really afraid of the MS potential diagnosis, we were hopping that as the results came back negatives it was ok...but it's not.

Thank you for your help,

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