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Re: Possible MS
Jun 11, 2011
Hi there,
I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since 99, Fibromyalgia since 09. then other misc stuff I get sick of. Anyhow, with CFS the primary symptoms for me are being tired all the time & I have what is called Congenative fog (brain fog). It's the feeling of being intoxicated but not drunk, very disconnected from life. Also extremely forgetful. The Fibro seems to of made my memory worst. It's really bad, forget important events, don't know anything about conversations I have had, lose stuff all the time, ect. Then my whole body always hurts. Especially my lower back, but I have a bad back anyways. Then it goes up through my upper back, shoulders & neck. If I over do it or stress everything hurts more, then I get a warning headache. If I don't rest I then crash. I hurt bad & very sick. Anyhow, been doing reading on MS & the congenative symptoms are very familiar for me. Another symptom of it is where I can hear noises fine. I can hear people talking, people talking on the tv, ect. But, I have a hard time making out what is being said. People have to repeat themselves. Anyhow, I can keep going on the topic. I'm going to have an MRI done. I figure that if it is MS, there are medications that help slow the progression. If I have it, I think I've had it all along with my other problems. I would just like to know so that I can treat it. I take meds now, but they are muscle relaxers, pain meds, ect.
If your husband has it, it probably is at the beginning & it's wonderful it was found so soon! It usually takes 10-15 yrs for a person to get diagnosed.
It's been awful, it all hit when I was 18, I'm 31 now. Unfortunately I went 12 yrs before getting any diagnoses. Many Dr's, many tests, ect. I don't have family or friends that really understand, I try not to talk about it. My husband makes it more stressful for me. With that being said, no matter what is going on, your support makes a huge difference! It's wonderful he has you there for him. Wishing you both the best :)

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