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About 6 months ago, I woke up and could see my nose (mainly the right side) constantly in my field of vision. This occurred two weeks after an eye examination which showed nothing abnormal (my eyes were dilated at the time for the test).
I just had sinus surgery a few weeks ago, hoping the issue with my vision was caused by my sinus infection and would be relieved after the procedure but it did not help. My sinus infection was confined to only my left maxillary sinus. I was previously put on 9 different antibiotics. Some of the antibiotics I was allergic to and/or could not tolerate. The course of antibiotics I was able to finish, helped the infection but could not completely get rid of it all.
Seeing the sides and tip of my nose in my field of vision is extremely bothersome. It makes me dizzy at times. Some days it seems to bother me worse than others but it is ALWAYS there. I don't understand why it came on all the sudden one day. Doctor's are not taking me seriously. Everyone can see their nose in their field of vision if they think about and I read somewhere that there is a process in your brain that tells your eyes to block out your nose from your vision and it's like mine is broken or something! I can't wear sunglasses anymore because on top of seeing my nose in my field of vision, I can now see the sunglasses! I never had this problem prior to 6 months ago. It is scary and frustrating to not know what is causing it. Sometimes my temples hurt and I feel pressure, but it's not a headache. I've had numerous CT scans and Xrays for my sinus infection and nothing came up that would indicate an issue with my vision.
A visit to an ophthalmologist was a waste of time and now I am hoping to get a referral to see a neuro-ophthalmologist. I am thankful I am not blind or anything like that, but I feel extremely scared and worried that there is an issue with the signals and working order of my brain. Maybe there is nerve muscle damage, who knows, but any help would be appreciated!

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