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Hi All

As a child I have tripped and fallen banging my head more than any normal child. I would get bruised all the time. In my teens I had once fallen from the parallel bars hard on my back but could immediately get back to work though I felt choking on impact. Also once I had a terrible electric shock almost to the point of electrocution. Now coming to the present...I had a feeling of light numbness on my right hand which went away after sometime. Then I had slight twitching of thumb and index finger of right hand which also went off so as the twitching below my right eye. All this started in Sep 2008 and between then and now I had two MRI's of the brain which are normal so as the many blood works. All my symptoms are intermittent ranging from a couple of months to few days. Now I have head pressure feeling and weakness of the right side of the body which is mild and neck and shoulder pain and lots of floaters in both eyes (thorough eye tests revealed nothing). So far all of my symptoms have been mild in the sense that it has not come in the way of my daily routines. I have taken gabapentin 300mg for six months and tegretol and sibilium for a few days (these two I stopped myself as it made me more sick and tired and my symptoms getting worse) during the course of my treatment. Now I am med free on my own and enduring. My question is do I have to do anything to actually treat these symptoms. Will it get worse. Has anyone got treatment for these symptoms? Does the happenings during my childhood have any bearing on my present condition?

Thankyou and best regards.

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