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I donít know where to begin or what to look for, but here goes.

A month back I had started feeling dizzy all of a sudden. I was prescribed vertin and was diagnosed with labyrinthitis after consulting the ENT. My blood reports, glucose tests, urine tests were normal. My B12 level was 176.

All this while I also have been having a bad neck pain on the right side. Doing some physiotherapy resolved it for a bit.

Now two weeks back, I have started experiencing very strange sensations that has got me very worried.

My neck is stiff most of the time. I can feel a tender spot in the side of the neck (right side). Pressing that tender spot causes excruciating pain right upto my shoulder and arm. During this time, I have felt a slight pressure on the right eyes and a bit of pain in the ears (right side) including fullness in right ear. What is strange is that while chewing or talking, there is a weird sensation in the right side of my forehead (almost electric feeling). This doesnít hurt but is causing discomfort as it does not go away. When I tilt my head to extreme left, I get a ringing sound in my ears. The pain isn't sever in head.

All this while I can feel that there is tightness in my neck/shoulder region on the right.
What is even more strange is that if I press the tender spot in the right side of the neck (SCM region maybe ?), that electric feeling stops in the head.

Iím concerned about this condition and I canít find any answers to it.
I will be meeting an orthopedic doctor soon, but I wanted to know what I should be doing next.

Any help will be appreciated.

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