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Hi, my mom was recently diagnosed with this plus she has a syrinx from it. She started having same symptoms you mentioned and by chance found it on an MRI. We thought she had a pinched nerve....

I can't remember how many mm her chiari was but a neurosurgeon just did her surgery a couple days ago. She pulled through surgery and has been in ICU since... They keep you in ICU for 3 to 7 days after surgery just to keep a better/closer eye on you.

I'm pretty sure chiari was not as many mm's as yours though so maybe you should see a different neurosurgeon who specializes more on brain than spine procedures.

It took my mom about 6 months of pushing through the system to get an MRI but I assume you already have that part which is great. So just keep looking for the right brain surgeon. Another thing.... A regular MRI is not the right kind of MRI for chiari/syrinx issues. You need a "Spinal fluid flow study MRI".

Decompression surgery to make room for the area of the brain that has fallen down is the norm for chiari malformation type 1. They gave my mom a C1 laminectomy (spelling?) as well as carved out more space in the lower part of the skull. It take 6 to 8 weeks to recover from and then you will not be able to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk for up to 4 months depending on how you're doing.

I'm not sure how things will be for my mom now since she just had the surgery and still on heavy pain meds and not allowed to get up so I'll let you know after 2 months how it goes.

Moms dr said this type of chiari tends to run in families.....

Wishing you well....

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