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Re: Need help.
Jul 7, 2011
I think you should go to your own doctor immediately. Do not go back to work. A sprained neck can cause alot of pain in your head, neck, shoulders and arms, and also cause concussion like symptoms, pressing on the blood vessels going to the brain. Your company is responsible for this accident, and you should not be back working with these symptoms. I have had all these symptoms and more from whiplash in a car accident, yet I didnt hit my head at all. My neck was so severely injured, I could not even move my head at all, I was in severe pain, had bad headaches, and was so out of it mentally, I couldnt think straight, concentrate, remember anything a minute later etc. You need tests, like x-rays, and treatment, as a sprained neck may not sound bad to the layman, or even that company doctor, but it can cause severe symptoms. I did end up getting x-rays, then pain meds and rest ( did nothing ). I was then sent to a neurologist, who did more tests, and he sent me to physical therapy for quite a long time, like 6 months, as it was so severe. It really helped though. Please go to your own doctor. This can be treated. The doctor should have atleast taken x-rays. Then if they find nothing from those and treatment doesnt work, you would go to a neuro. or ortho. Do not let the company doc sway you into doing nothing, its not their neck or pain. These symptoms do not go away on their own. Good luck, I know how it feels to be so out of it mentally, thats why you are depressed. By the way, the treatment takes care of this symptom too, it takes the pressure off those vessels so you can think straight.

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